Population Health Management

The shift to value-based reimbursement requires effective population health management to drive improvement around quality at lower costs associated with condition-specific treatment preferences, disease complications and avoidable high cost events.

Enable your care and quality teams to access a holistic view of a population with the ability to drill down to the physician and member/patient level to identify clinical drivers of cost and quality. They can also utilize the predictive modeling and other factors to stratify members/patients to anticipate and intervene in situations before an adverse event occurs.

Stratification of Members by Clinical Disease Dashboard

Stratification of Members by Clinical Disease Dashboard

The QualMetrix Population Health Analytics solutions enable care and quality teams to:

  • Segment populations by risk, disease and cost
  • Stratify by clinical morbidity, projected costs, or disease
  • Identify clinical drivers of risk due to health conditions, complications and readmissions
  • Leverage predictive model tools to assess likelihood of admission, re-admissions, future medical and pharmacy costs, and other issues