Solutions for TPAs

Drive Efficient Cost Management for Your Customers

As a third-party administrator (TPA), you face an exceedingly complex and ever-evolving healthcare landscape. You're looking for new ways to differentiate your organization and help your customers drive down costs, while providing competitive benefits to their employees.

To help your customers manage costs, you need to be informed about the most cost effective medical services and performance of the providers in your network. You also need to know how your customers can improve their employee incentive and wellness programs to influence behavior by promoting preventive medicine and utilizing medical services more appropriately.

Enable your teams with turnkey, easy-to-use solutions that provide actionable intelligence to educate your customers and optimize provider network performance.

Our capabilities include actionable intelligence on:

  • Provider Network Optimization
  • Population Health Management
  • Cost and Utilization
  • HEDIS Measures
  • Quality Improvement
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Member Metrics
  • Custom Analytics & Reporting